Examples of our papers in use

Harry Potter themed paper

These digital downloads are from our book the Wizard Harry Potter inspired theme - journal. The book has been inspired by my son’s girl friend who has a passion for Harry Potter films. The pages reflect hints of this theme, casting its magic spell over you and your creativity

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Scrapbooking tips

When scrapbooking, it is important to pay attention to the quality of materials used. A professional-looking scrapbook will require acid and lignin-free paper, archival ink pads and markers, and acid-free adhesives. For albums, opt for high quality leather or leatherette covers and thicker pages that can be matted if desired. Be sure to use enough adhesive when sticking items into your book – this will ensure that your plant material, photos, fabric pieces and other mementos remain secure throughout the years. Additionally, select images or memorabilia that are meaningful either from an emotional standpoint or from a significant life event – this will lend personalization and thoughtfulness to your scrapbooking project.

Getting the best print

When printing digital papers, it is important to make sure that your printer settings are adequate for the job. Set your printer to its highest quality setting, as this will ensure that the colors and details look their best. You also want to make sure you have enough paper for your project - too few pages can lead to misprints - and check that the paper you have chosen is suitable for your particular printer. Additionally, consider scaling any images or text before printing to maximize the quality of the printout; if possible, always use vector images which can easily be scaled without losing detail. Finally, when using inkjet printers remember that high-glossy finish photo paper yields much better results than plain copier paper. With careful attention paid to these small details, professionals involved in digital paper printing can be assured of outstanding results.

Another option is these images can be supplied to an outside printers, providing high quality printed paper images for your projects.

Paper types

Digital inkjet printer paper is an essential component of any digital printing project. Professional quality digital inkjet paper types have several key features that can greatly enhance the results of a printer job. These include advanced coating technologies for increased print speeds, optimized color gamut, and enhanced image resolution; heavy duty construction for both gloss and matte finishes; longevity that helps to preserve prints from damage due to fading or water damage; and support for specialized applications such as sublimation transfers and lightfastness requirements. Some more costly grades further provide options such as wrapping compatibility, humidity resistance and improved handling characteristics. With the right combination of paper type selection and printed job specific optimization, the professional user can really maximize the full potential of their digital printing project.